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Sharing Food & Ideas At The Poet
The Poet

Sharing Food & Ideas At The Poet

At The Poet Brussels, we strive to embody the essence of the neighbourhood and the city of Brussels: bravely hip and trendy, while also being stubbornly committed to good food and quality products.

From a quick lunch to an extensive dinner, The Poet got you covered. Chef Jerome and his team will dazzle you with surprising dishes that pay tribute to both local and seasonal ingredients.

In need for some private space or looking to host a more intimate group dinner. Our three private rooms cater to all your needs. Have a look on our Private Room page to discover our event possibilities.

The Poet’s Quick Lunch

The Poet’s Quick Lunch

From Lamb Shank to Fresh Pappardelle or Fish & Chips, our €25.00 quick lunch is the best thing since sliced bread. You can be in and out within 45 minutes and have a full belly to tackle the challenges the European quarter throws at you in the afternoon.

Punch Ritual at The Poet

Punch Ritual at The Poet

The Poet invites you to end the day and embrace the night with the new enchanting Punch Ritual. Begin your evening on a high note with a refreshing drink in hand.

From Tuesday until Friday between 5PM and 6PM, our talented mixologists eagerly await your arrival at our special Punch Bar, where they'll take you on a journey of tantalizing taste sensations that you won't soon forget.

Indulge in unexpected and delightful flavor combinations that are sure to delight your senses.

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